The Weekend 12-13/12 we travelled to Finland to the Finnish Winner

and Nordic Winner Show. We brought Felix, Kitty and Carro.

Annika Ulltveit Moe judged the Finnish Winner Saturday.

Felix ended 4 in the Chclass with an excellent, Kitty was 2. in the  Juniorclass,

also with an  Excellent, Carro won the Chclass, and ended as

Best Bitch with CC, Cacib, Finish Winner -09 and BOS.

and qualified for Crufts 2010 or 2011.

Caci's Carolina Klyft "Carro"  CC CACIB  FINW-09  BOS


Caci's breeder group


Sunday it was Nordic Winner judged by Eva Resko from Finland.

 Felix ended 4 in the Chkass with an Excellent. Kitty was 3. in the JuniorClass

 with an Excellent, and Carro 3. in the ChClass, also with an Excellent

Pointbreak Mr. Fortescue "Felix"


15/11 we went to a show at Kongsberg , and Dorothea Carroll from Irland was judging.

We brought mother and daughter Wineleaf's Kisses Of Fire "Kassia"  and Caci's Camp-Fire  "Kitty".

 We also brought mother and son Caci's Carolina Klyft "Carro" and Wineleaf's Fairytale "Arnie"

It was ten puppies entered, and Arnie won BOB and BIG 2 Puppy, and Kitty BOS Puppy

Arnie BOB o Kitty BOS

Kassia third with a CK from the OpenClass and Carro was best bitch BOB and BIG4.


Caci's Cohen BOS           Caci's Carolina Klyft BOB


24/10 we went to the SSRK  Show at Mjølby in Sweden Jostein Halvorsen from Norway judged the

Cockers and And Puppyclass 2 Americans. Christina Daniels from Sweden judged the adult Americans.

Wineleaf's Love Is In The Air "Jane" did it again and was BOB and  BIS 2

Judge in the Bis finale was Beril Lundgren from Sweden.

Arnie was second with HP  from the puppyclass 1, Kitty was second with

 HP  in puppyclass 2, and Kassia second with a CK from the OpenClass.

Jane BOB o BIS 2


11. October it was World Winner Show in Bratislava, Slovakia.

We brought Jane & Carro. Felix was allready there with Jan.

Carro ended reserve in the Chkl with an excellent, Felix  four in open with an excellent.

At last Jane, who won the Championclass, recieved the CC, and got the title Slovakian Champion.

In the competition about the World Winner title, Jane got the Reserve CACIB and ended Reserve -WW.

Tamas Jakkel from Hungary judged the bitches, and it was 214 Cocker Spaniels entered.


                        Jane winner of championclass                     Jane take R-CACIB  at WW-09                                

                                                                          with CC and SKCH              


Later on, it was ready for the Breedersclass in the main ring, where Carro and I took part.

Kennel CACI'S made a splended performance, and won BIS with the Flatts,

 and BIS 2 with the Americans.

A big congratulation to Carin & Micke




10. October it was the World Cocker Show with Mrs. Lesley Spencer from England judging.

It was 198 Cocker Spaniels entered. Jane first won the Championclass with the CC,

and was then Best Bitch particoloured

Jane winner of CC on World Cocker Show


Jane winner of "Best of Variety"

Jane vinner "Best of Variety"  with

judge Mrs. Lesley Spencer from England.

You can se more about Wineleaf's Love Is In The Air "Janes" father

"Melker" Paisley's Time To Look Forward on kennel Häljans side.


4. October Jan & Felix travelled to Komarno in Hungary to an International Show.

They made it extreamly well, Felix became Best Dog with the CC, CACIB and BOS

With these results Felix also got the title

INTERNASJONAL CHAMPION only 2 years, 4 months old.

C. V. Sundarsan from India was judging.


27. September Felix & Jan travelled to Slovenia, recieved the CC, and got the title

Slovenian Champion (SLCH) . The judge was Ligita Zake


13. September Jan brought Felix to a Show at Chorzow in Poland.

Felix recived the CC and ended as BOB,

The judge was Małgorzata Wieremiejczyk-Wierzchowsk.


" Carro"  Caci's Carolina Klyft has travelled together with Carina Østman at two Shows.

At Høgbo International 5. September Carro became Best Bitch with CACIB and BOS.

Denis Kuzelj from Slovenia was judging.

12. September they went to Sofiero, and Carro was 2. Best Bitch.
Anna Liisa Heikkinen from Finland was judging.

Thank you so much, Carina.


Felix has travelled to Czechia, and will stay with Jan for some time

The first Show with Jan was in Czechia 29/8 and they made very well.

Best Dog with the CC , CACIB , BOS and Czech Champion (CZCH)

The judge was Viera Vitkova from Slovakia.

Thank you so much, Jan.


Felix and Jan


15/8 it was an International All Breed Show in Oslo

Felix  ended third in the Championclass with CK

Kassia ended second in the Openclass with CK.

Lotte Jørgensen from Denmark  was judging.   


Felix                                               Kassia


We have been on Hollyday in the three Baltic States, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania,

 and we of course used the opportunity to visit some Shows as well.

We brought Kassia, Carro and the Cocker Jane.

First stop was Tartu in Estonia, were we lived at a superb hotel,

and had a great time with nice food and shopping.

 1/8 it was a National Show with the Swedish judge Åke Sjøstrøm.

Jane won the Championclass with CC, and the title ESTCH.  She ended BOB and 4 in the Group.

Carro also won the Championclass med CC, got the title ESTCH and ended as BOB

We didn’t show Kassia this day.


Jane BOB o ESTCH                            Carro BOB o ESTCH                  


Jane BIG 4

Afterwards we headed for Riga in Latvia were we again found a very nice place to stay.

Then we travelled to Vilnius in Lithuania were we stayed in four days,

and again with very nice food in a very nice hotel.

7 -8 August it was two International Shows in Druskininkai,

 Per Iversen from Norway (am.cocker) and Matti Tuominen from Finland (cocker) was judging.

Kassia won the Openclass with CC, Carro ended third with an excellent in the Championclass.

Jane won the  Championclass and the CC, and ended as Best Bitch with CACIB ,BOS and got the title LITCH.


Saturday it was Paul Stanton from Sweden (amcocker) and Benny Blid from Sweden(cocker) that was judging.

Kassia became second with an excellent in the Openclass.

Carro won the Championclass with  CC and CACIB and got the title INTUCH.

Jane won Championklass with CC, became Best Bitch with CACIB and also got the title INTUCH.



26/7 we travelled to the Show in Moss with  Felix, Kassia og Kitty.

Felix was 2. in the Ch. class with a CK  and ended as 2. Best Dog,

Kassia won the open class with  CK and ended 4. Best Bitch.

Kitty won BOB Puppy

Birte Scheel from Denmark was judging.



Kitty 5 months                                                   Felix 2 years


Kitty 5 months


Sunday 5. July we entered the Show in Åsnes HK. The judge was

    Cristian Petre Stavarache from Romania. We brought Felix, Kassia and Kitty.      

Felix won the Open Class with CK and ended 2. Best Dog with the CC. He also gained his title

 NORWEGIAN CHAMPION at his first Show after passing two years of age.

Kassia also won the Openclass with a CK, at her first Show after giving birth to her first litter.

 "Kitty"  Caci's Camp-Fire, Kassias daughter, won BOB and ended 2. in the Group at her first Show. 



               Felix 2 years                                                                       Kassia 2 1/2 years              


Kitty"  Caci's Camp-Fire BOB and Group 2


6. June NSK Vestfold had their Show in Tønsberg.

Felix ended as 3. Best Dog with CC. This was his CC number 12.

The judge was Vidar Grundetjern from Norway.




The 1. and 2. of May we entered the NSK and SBK Shows in Sandnes at the western part of Norway.

Friday Felix won the Openclass with a CK og ended as Best Dog with CC and BOS.

This was his CC number ten..

We also brought the wonderful  Cocker NORDJW-07 Skjervtun's Wanna Be "Walter".

He won the Openclass with a CK and he recieved the CC and this title

NOWEGIAN CHAMPION. He ended Best of Breed.

Congratulations to Elin and Leif at the Skjervtun's Kennels.

Marian Sloan fra Irland was judging, and for the first time in Norway



      Felix                                                                          Walter


Felix  CC and BOS


Saturday Frank Bjerklund from Norway was judging. Felix  ended as Best Dog, CC and BOS.

This was his CC number eleven.


 Felix  CC and BOS



Pointbreak Mr. Fortescue "Felix" has been a trip to his ”Granny” in Denmark.

Saturday 7. February they went to Brno in the  Czech Republic to an

International Show with 40 Americans entered and with Crufts Qualification.

Viera Vitkova from Slovakia was judging, and Felix  dit it with style and won his Class with excellent,

CC, CACIB, BOB, BIG 3 and qualiefied for Crufts 2010.

BIG thanks to Lone for grooming and

Jan for showing Felix so beautiful


      Jan and Felix                                            Lone and Felix


15. February we entered an International  Show at Fredericia in Denmark  with Felix and Carro.

Felix was second in the Openclass with an excellent 3. Best Dog,

Carro was second in the Championclass and Best Bitch with excellent and CACIB.

Helle Dan Pålson from Denmark was judging.

A LOTS OF THANKS LONE for all your help with grooming and showing our Felix-lad.



Felix                                                                 Carro