About us





    My name is Karin Winbladh, and I started with dogs in 1975. I got my own dog in 1977,


               an Irish setter, and two years later a Gordonsetter arrived.


At the end of 1982 I learned to know Kari Haave, kennel Travis. As such I got interested


in the Cocker. I was working with Kari as a kennel made, and she taught me a lot about


the breed, and about running a kennel.


In the midst of  the eighties, I  bought my first Cocker Spaniel a black & tan dog:


Travis Brother Louie. Later more Cockers where to follow!


I moved to Norway in 1999 with my two children Sofia and Jonas.


We live in H°yjord, a community 25 km north of the city of T°nsberg.


Here in Norway I met my spouse ┼ge, and together we are running the kennel


Wineleaf's, breeding English & American Cocker spaniel.